In order to provide a better service for the customers of, we created a ticketing system. Every ticket has its unique code so that it's easier to inspect the actions that where committed. In order to do that and in order to provide a better service for you, we keep a full history of the answers and questions that where listed So that our staff and you, can reread it any time.

Do not hesitate to ask us everything that you would like to know. Our experienced technicians will answer you immediately, feeling obligated to help you and answer your questions. You can ask us everything! From the possible repair cost of your device and the time needed to be repaired, to tips about cleaning and maintain it. Also, you can send us pictures of your device in order to better understanding the condition and problem of your device.

When you are about to add a new ticket, please, make sure to give the most valid description of the problem or a picture of your device. It makes it easier for the technicians to understand the exact problem and give the most accurate answer in order to help you. 

Don't hesitate and open a Ticket Now!