The China held the reins for two years in the list of the top supercomputers in the world and now comes to dethrone herself. The Tianhe-2 located at the top was amazing power of 33.86 pentaflop. The new creation of China is a "beast" with 10.6496 million cores (93 pentaflop processing power) and is capable of performing 93000000000000000 calculations per second, having twice the speed and three times the efficiency of the Tianche-2. The TaihuLight running his own Linux-based operating system, called Raise OS. The supercomputer is located at the National Supercomputing Center of China and is mainly used for large data analysis, weather forecasts, etc.

It is the first time that China has more (167) supercomputers in the Top500 list of the USA (165). The top ten is completed by a Japanese supercomputer, a Swiss, a German and a Saudi. The Greek ARIS (Advanced Research Information System) located at the National Network and Technology Centre now vriksetai outside the Top-500.