Slow Wifi; Blame Christmas !! ?
Interference Wifi wireless connections in our computer, mobile, tablets can come from various sources such as cordless phones, «baby monitor" for the baby in the next room, the microwave, metal objects and now and the lights Place the Christmas trees and other festive decorations. Yes you heard me and even though you seem strange new British study concluded that many things can make wireless connections (Wi-Fi) slower and one of them is even the Christmas lights.

The independent regulatory authority dealing with such investigations the Ofcom released an application that 'ticked' quality of broadband wireless connections in the home between the modem-router to laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Measurements confirmed that, despite the official speeds give manufacturers of devices, in fact the speeds of several million wireless connections worldwide are slower mainly due to interference and incorrect placement of devices in various areas. Indeed the lights on Christmas trees make for slower wireless connections. But may the lights of our tree to "hurt" our Wi-Fi!


While the Christmas spirit requires love, rather wireless networks do not "love" our Christmas lights. The changes in the intensity of the electrical current going through the wires from the lights flashing corresponding create changes to electromagnetic fields generated around the wires. Imagine if you have a lot of lights - create several rows because inductive phenomena and a bunch of other phenomena (which will be engaged for hours with electromagnetism) interference. Indeed, if our Christmas tree or lights that adorn inserted between wifi-router and problems are increasing our device.


By implementing Ofcom's one, indeed, not only to identify the problem, but also to find which of the devices (lights, baby monitor or microwave) responsible as appropriate.


So the holidays the Wi-Fi tend to become even slower with so many electronic lights all around. So Christmas is not like our Wi-Fi, so decorate the tree or not (excluded) or have a slower Internet, the EasyService prefers the latter. In wired connections, things are much better for web users.