Izzy makes everything Easy. Repair Request with One Click

Fill in your details, describe the device that you want to repair, the problem and the appropriate repair technician will contact you directly. 

If you wish to send your parcel to us or bring it to our workshops in Maroussi you can skip the last two fields on the date and time of receipt. Fill in if you wish to send us courier company to your address on a specific day and time to pick up your device. 

Upon receipt of your device you will have constant updates with sms and email on the progress of your repair. (Do not forget to update us with your email address and your phone number so we can keep you informed continuously). We suggest the customer to make proper and well protected package (using cardboard and newsprint) or better use the original product package if you have kept it. 

Do not waste anymore time. Make a request, sit back on your couch and in no time your device is in your hands repaired and functional. 
      - The technical manager, arrange delivery of your device with Courier company. 
      - Thorough examination of your device by authorized technician and cost estimation.
      - Customer contact regarding repair costs and possible solutions (Parallel updates with emails, sms and the EasyService website  for the repair proces. 
      - Repair: If the customer accepts the repair costs to move the device and update the client for its status. After repairing the device is fully tested and if the customer agrees, intensive testing (stress test), for 2-3 days in our workshops to ensure proper, continuous and secure operation. 
      - Return: If the client does not accept the repair cost - charge for the device will be returned with only a minimum charge for transportation. If customer accepts the repair cost there is no charge for transportation. 
      - Purchase: If the device does not deserve or can not be repaired, our technicians can make an offer to buy the damaged parts of your device. 

Do not forget, the EasyService is always there for whatever you need.