The era of technology that all sensitive files are in digital form on a computer or uploaded to the Internet, is expected to be malicious users who seek to interception or corruption of these files and the device. A seemingly innocent data carriers are USB drives and this because of their portability and their capacity. So they have a powerful tool for malicious users in order to achieve their purpose. What commands common sense, in that we must not unfamiliar to connect USB flash drive in our computer is down so more and more cases to make their appearance. Below we present two of the most reliable tools you can use in order to protect your computer.

The first tool is the most effective according to statistics is The USB Program. In summary what makes this program is to check each time you connect a flash drive to your computer, check if there is any file that starts automatically and runs in the background (usually called autorun.inf). If you detect this is to convert the name appropriately so it looks and the name and date of execution and to change the attributes so that the program can not run longer hidden.

2.the-usb-programThe next program is the USB Guardian. What makes this program is to control the flash both aurun files and other executable files. It also has option to completely delete the files contained in the flash.