Have you imagine how gonna be your payments in the future? Visa Europe has cooperated with various institutions, inviting students and graduates to imagine, envision and plan the future payment device that all people shall wear.


The result of "brainstorming" was 3 very interesting and impressive proposals.

- A digital coin management - Digital Cash

- Payments made by a simple move - One Move

- And social networks and payments to a pin.

Talking about the work and effort, Nick Mackie, Head of Contactless of Visa Europe, said: "At Visa, we believe that contactless payment technology will be integrated in many wearable devices by 2020. In fact, there is no reason not supported the payment function in wearable device, such as the alarm function to a digital clock.


The Visa Europe's expertise in developing innovative payment solutions, combined with the potential of Central Saint Martins, a guarantee in exploring the possibilities of wearables devices, which people will want to try.

Contactless card payments evolve rapidly into other devices such as day-to-day payments are digital, while Europeans are among the first in the world to have adopted the new technologies in the field of wearable payments, which are growing in popularity - particularly in more Young people, who are lovers of technology. The wearable devices offer speed, convenience and simplicity, and additional protection and physical presence of the holder at any time.


Visa claims that all terminals - POS point of sale in Europe will accept contactless transactions by the end of 2019, as Europeans use more and more new technologies rather than cash in their markets.


With digitization, Visa continues to protect consumers from fraud as you pay. Contactless transactions are made even safer with innovations like Visa tokenisation service, enabling safe payments from any digital device.