The new OS of Apple, the iOS 10 brings radical changes in communication via text messages. Specifically, the company is trying to compete with the great messengers apps like Viber and Whatsapp who have given great base to send multimedia (images, video, etc.). Specifically introduces several new features that are designed to make communication more direct. Specifically, users after the upgrade can send handwritten messages when sent to the recipient will have the animation normal writing in paper with pen.

The company seems to be trying to achieve the level of live, face-to-face communications by importing digitized all those elements that frame. By sending the message, the user will be able to choose the way in which the message reaches its destination with various animations. Specifically will the message can make it seem like shouting, laugh, be surprised and many other reactions.

Another excellent feature introduced is the possibility of "invisible ink" as mentioned features. The user will have the ability to send a message to a picture hidden in "invisible" ink and the recipient will reveal its contents passing the finger over it. So can someone make a surprise for some good news or a photo.

Apple has given huge base to messages sent by the devices and trying to touch perfect. Trying to meet every situation in which someone would send a message and deals a lot with animations. By then upgrade the sender when it wants to send some hope will be able to send a similar animation to enrich the message and make it more alive.

The last notable feature is the provision of emojis. Emoji are small icons that complement a message. Plus enables the dispatcher anticipation of emoji. So for example if you typed "basketball" would have the option of replacing the corresponding emoji given.

Apple has made great effort to improve the user experience in the sector messenger. Enough to be seen whether these changes will be accepted by users, and whether it will be usable.