Many mobile users iPhone 6s and 6s Plus complain that their new devices suddenly go out of battery, without any warning and without any obvious reason. Several of them have contacted Apple and have shared their experience and disturbing their problem in the official Apple support forums and elsewhere technologically Blogs, Forums and Portals. In many websites many users have reported the same problem.

Almost everybody mentioned the problem of describing their experience as follows: while the battery indicator shows almost complete charge and that everything is perfect, suddenly the next minute mobile closed due to empty battery.


Thus for some reason the battery indicator at certain devices iPhone 6s and 6s Plus is inaccurate. Something that is very important for all users, no one wants run out of mobile and even suddenly. Do not worry there is a solution and it is relatively simple.


The reports, complaints and on the problem started last September, when the first-released, without any response from Apple devices. But Apple a few days ago admitted that there seems to be a bug of iOS software 9, which incorrectly indicate the battery level in syskefes.I official Apple support page says that the issue seems to happen only to those users have changed the time or time zone manually to an iPhone.


To solve the problem, the EasyService studying and the Apple tips and successful testing of other users proposes two treatment options.

1. To start and warm up, try a "hard reset" on your iPhone (hold the power and the sleep button pressed for some seconds until the Apple logo).

2. If this move does not fix the problem, we propose to follow this path in the operating of your beloved phone: Settings> General> Date & Time and verify that the "automatic setting" is enabled.

You should normally be a one to solve the problem. If you do not achieve this, Apple assures users that are aware of the issue and working on a solution but says at present time frame for resolution. Basically because it is the fault of the operating system necessary corrections and upgrades. Of course no one knows yet whether the problem will be solved with the advent of the new iOS 9.3 or whether a corrective patch will be released earlier that it solves the problem.

Anyway the two tips that mention the problem must be solved without having to wait the Apple update. Keep Calm and Smile!