Most if not all in Greece we stay in homes that do not have installed the network cables so if we wanted to have Internet on more than one room, we had to fill the house cables, wall-wall. Fortunately, thanks to the wireless router (Wifi - Router), now we have been released from this problem. But wireless is not always the same speed or connection quality. Not often seen good range and very low speeds. What could we do so that we always mark "bell" and maximum speed?

Radio frequencies traveling in a straight line and do not penetrate into obstacles. All materials, but especially mmetallo reflects radio frequencies.

Antenna gain Wireless range
0dB 200m
4dB 440m
7dB 620m
10dB 1.2km
13dB 2.8km
16dB 5.0km
20dB 12.5Km
24dB 31Km

In this table, we can calculate the approximate distance you will cover a WIFI device (2.4GHz) with power 100 mW, compared to the antenna to be used. It is obvious that testing is always carried out in full sight. If between the two points interpolated buildings, trees, whatever the obstacle, then the range is greatly reduced and in some cases no more than 10 meters.

If you follow these instructions - these steps will improve the signal and speed.

1. Place the router appropriately
The router communicates to a PC via radio waves. The signal quality and strength decreases with distance, ie if we are far away from the router, the signal will be worse. If you then raise the physical and especially the wave we could see in detail the reasons for the causes, laws and the theory behind it but do not need us. Quite simply, we are far from the transmitter - router then we lower quality signal to all features.


The first movement is therefore to place the Router in a relatively central location of the house (like trying to find the center of the sphere) even if this is the hall. Sometimes, even though a single room if interposed between you and the router, can dramatically reduce the speed. Especially if you inserted two or more. So with protocols 802.11b / g / n as WiFi devices often do not cover a house. For this reason, if the wifi antenna is located near the enclosure of your computer, the scope of mmeionetai greatly.

Make sure you place your wireless devices at half height of the room where they are, and always away from the walls. Make sure also, if the router has an external antenna which can adjust the position, is vertically. If the router has an internal antenna, then it probably has a base to support all the router katakoryfa.Gia best signal, do not have the router on the floor. No need to have it and on top of the library, but in office height would clearly have better course sima.Echete account and materials found around the router. While radio waves pass comfortably through the wood, if the office is metallic then the signal will be blocked.

2. Avoid interference from other wireless networks
If you live in any village you will not have a problem. But if the apartment in your building there are twenty different wireless networks from neighbors you'll paremvoles.I solution for this is to select a channel for your wireless connection, which is relatively empty.

You can use an application such as Wi-Fi Analyzer for Android or if you have smartphone, the inSSIDer and, for the connoisseurs, the meraki wifi stumbler

Any of these applications will show you which channels are used by nearby wireless networks, and obviously the most empty channel of these is the best choice for your diktyo.Echontas find the appropriate channel, you can now select the interface of your router, rather than have it in Auto.

Essentially, if any of the above applications do not want to download, you can manually try one by one channel in router, to see how it gets better - consuming method, but effective.

3. Avoid interference from other household appliances
There are several home devices that can cause interference in our wireless network, such as cordless phones, baby monitors, AV repeaters, radio-controlled toys, bluetooth and microwaves. Depending on the position of the router, computer and household appliance, the signal can be stopped completely if you use the phone or microwave.

For cordless phones, the problem is with the devices emit at 2.4 GHz, the frequency at which it operates and Wi-Fi. In this case, the solution is to change wireless phone, selecting one that is transmitting at 900 Mhz to 1.9 Ghz.Stin case of the microwave oven, if you can, keep the oven is located between the router and the phone or your computer. Also some new microwave oven models have better thorakisi.Episis, some older Bluetooth devices can cause interference, which has been corrected for the newest.

4. Use repeaters
If you want to cover a large area in terms wireless, you can buy a wireless repeater. These devices receive the signal from the wireless router, the strengthening and the retransmit. This will cover the whole area.

If your budget is low to buy a new device, you can use some router models to do the same job. So if someone left over our router or did it spare our friend someone try. Of course, this process is much more complicated and may but need to change firmware to your old router.

5. change attributes antenna to your router
When you replace the antenna in a wireless device, with another higher-gain antenna, the gain of the new antenna increases the transmission power of the transmitter and the receiver sensitivity. So your signal travels much greater distances, but at the same time and your receiver hears much weaker signals, without the high-gain antenna would not listened.

Of course, the high-gain antennas, it is not always the best solution to communication problems. We use in each case the appropriate antenna to solve this problem we have.

We use low-gain antennas for local Mesh networks. We use high gain antennas to send the signal a long distance and at this point, and from there we can distribute the signal again using Wireless Mesh nodes with low gain antennas.

For the more "patentakides" among us, there are various online guides to creating our own antenna with various materials even drink cans - beer. Did you want to cherry the router you a soda or beer? or you choose to purchase an antenna.