We all remember the "loss" of the discussions and comments that were released on the internet on the resistance problem had the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. To start had become a YouTube channel that made a video testing the strength of new models. With the test they did was the first to identify that the new iPhone was particularly vulnerable, as it had a tendency to bend - bend with relative ease.

The video was made viral and spread with the speed of light in all information networks forcing Apple to give official explanations. Apple has decided to change the design and factory design of new devices although found in the way of the obstacle of "bendgate", as it has been named "scandal" with the iphone that bends. Certainly it left unaffected the sales and reputation of the device, leading to another record sales.

The problem of bendgate may appear to affect more iPhone 6 Plus as it is larger in size and not so much the iPhone 6 but Apple to be sure that avoid such problems and negative comments, constructed the new iPhone 6s / 6s Plus with durable aluminum series 7000, a reinforced aluminum alloy used in aerospace applications and in harsh applications.

The "crazy guys" got at their hands both the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6 and exhaustive testing by various tests and stress test pressure.

The new test shows that the iPhone 6 bent over when the pressure is about 13 to 14 pounds while the lid 6s are much more durable as resisting the pressure of about 36 pounds without even dissolve aluminum sensitive points in the areas of Volume and Lock Buttons.