Like Google a few years gone except the Smartphones, the Tablets, Media Players, USB sticks will see computers, laptops and other devices to receive the Android operating system.

Google has with Android has this moment the most used operating system in mobile devices. A few years ago began an effort to Chrome OS leitorgiko system for computers that were not so successful with the standards always of Google, but Google will not be able to discontinue the Project because the manufacturers of Chromebook is currently satisfied by number of sales.


Surely Google is not at all satisfied as sales of Chromebook with the Chrome OS occupy only 3% of the market. H Google knows that everything will be played in future and there is the big bet. Microsoft already with the the Windows 10 makes a very bold move. It enables developers to build an application once and it is compatible with all devices, PC, Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone. Even the Windows 10 can run applications from Windows 7 and 8. That Microsoft has already an operational for all devices. Apple is on the other side with the iPad Pro will need to offer more powerful applications on iOS 9 to exploit the capabilities of the new hardware.

Observing all major Tablet with detachable keyboards from major technology companies understand that there will be a great fight and a great counter. Microsoft, Google, Apple definitely want their operating system to run everywhere and used by all users.


Once again, however, the battle will be based on the functionality and the available applications. The most user-friendly operating and what will have the greatest range, variety and quality of applications will be the winner. History has shown that all new kinds of devices should have the corresponding software to accompany them.


Android is the most widely used operating system in mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) and Google plans to prepare to conquer all new hybrid devices that will be something between a Tablet and Laptop and why not go and Laptop. By extension, Google may have aspirations to compete with Windows and Mac OS, something you can not do with Chrome OS, either because it has several applications, or because the majority simply reminds Web Browser using computers Windows and Mac. Next year will see an example of the new operating system while the availability expected in 2017.


The strategy "One OS to rule them all" is not proven and will be seen in practice whether it can be implemented. There are many difficulties from a technical standpoint. Already the Android suffers countless hardware combinations used by manufacturers Smartphones and Tablets.


Google has made to react at the forefront of Microsoft with Windows 10. While Apple has from the outset control over the software and hardware products of which gives lead and advantage in any strategy and to follow.