Original Parts

Easyservice.gr has as its primary objective the most excellent service that can be provided. Also we want to provide services with reliability and credibility so that we can be a repair center that you can contact whenever a device of yours has broken down. One thing that can help us to achieve this, are our parts that are authentic!

We make sure to buy the parts that we use for the repairs straight from the manufacturers of your device. 

genuine-parts-easyserviceAs a Result:  The result of this policy is obvious in our work, since the repairs we perform are always of high quality, thanks to our top quality materials and our excellent work. These repairs have a purpose and that is to make your device work as good as new!

When using authentic parts, we can provide securely the warranty of repair which is needed.  The warranty is based on the natural quality of our materials and in our expertise. 

The combination of using authentic parts with the experience provided by our technicians and the lowest possible prices we have gained trust of the customers that prefer to use Easyservice.gr for their repairs or to buy the parts that they need.