Repair Warranty

Our job ends only with the certification of customer satisfaction and approval or when the repair of the device is unfavorable for the customer. 

Our company provides a guarantee for the repaired devices both in Hardware and Software repairs made ​​within Easyservice and on services provided to a customer's place by our technician or by remote support. 

If the problem occurs again within the warranty days that are provided in, from the date of repair, then our company is obligated to provide free repair to the customer, in order to fully restore the problem or exported diagnosis which leads to a problem in hardware and unfavorable repair of the device. 

A customer is entitled to request a refund as long as the exact same problem as the one that we trued to repair, occurs again and again. Then the company is obligated to return the amount of money that the customer paid for the repair. 

If the customer refuses to proceed to repair the problematic device for any reason, then he or she cannot request his or her money back, and he or she will get charged, according to the current pricelist, for the time that our technician spent.

The warranty does not cover problems arising from misuse of the device after the repair.