Always remember that you should always check the applications have our children on their cell phone to protect them from malicious users.

We have all heard stories about missing children or children swept away by other adults and child abuse in general and not only. We all genate wondered how he met this kid with the biggest one who does not know in advance? Many children, not only children but also teenagers and adults make use of some applications and websites that are dangerous if not done their proper use. Because the solution of course is NOT to demonize the Internet is now an indispensable tool for all of us need to learn the proper use of our children, we must take our measures. Parents nowadays need to know to protect their children.


The terrifying truth
The bad no longer lurking in dark corners (only). You can no longer get into our home and our child's bedroom while we slept through the mobile or tablet or computer. The various predatory still lurking and when we are just in the next room. Not only talking about sexual risk, but also for cyber attacks -the known as Cyber-bullying - as well as any other form of abuse.


Every day new applications are constantly created for the purpose of communication between people and social networking, but we must bear in mind in terms of what makes our child with them. So if you know the tricks used by predators, and will know what to watch. So, here below is a list of some of the applications that are dangerous.

Attention to all these cases is not bad applications but evil - evil use that can make a malicious user. For this we know their particularities and know the tricks and tactics of malicious users. We believe that knowledge helps. Let us know something and hopefully never have to use this knowledge. Furthermore we want to protect ourselves, our families and in general those who cherish and beyond. So do not go to waste this knowledge.


1. 9gag
9gag is one of the most popular applications for distribution and exchange photos online. The dangerous is that there are all kinds of pictures and that pictures are not supervised and could come from any uploader and may be an image that you do not want children to see. Some users of 9gag is cyber bullies and bully other members. It has many funny pictures for this choice for many teenagers and children, but we recommend that if your children should take humor from somewhere, make sure it is a place with rules and regulations that are bound to protect underage users.


2. Whisper
This application allows to send someone secretly anonymous messages to other users and allows the conversation (chatting) user dialogue from the same geographical region, together. We consider dangerous as many children lured by the mystery atmosphere that creates the sensation of talking to strangers and to think that their secrets no one knows except strangers who will never see. But that people communicate is by its very narrow geographical area, can be used by malicious users wishing to slowly establish contact with the child (and thus the anonymity ceases to exist anymore).


3. YikYak
All users YikYak is anonymous. No need for account to send messages, just their messages are accessible to 500 people who are closer to a radius of 1.5 to 8 km. Can turn into a virtual discussion room (virtual chat room) where everyone says what he wants anonymously disseminating false, malicious messages intending to discredit the personality of the other, publicly and without any supervision or control. Abroad, some schools have come to ban it completely mobile because of the particular application.


4. Kik
It's free messaging service that allows text / video mission without the slightest trace the history of the device. (Similar applications are: Viber, WhatsApp, TextNow).

It is dangerous because one can communicate with foreigners without no trace as bypasses the SMS service provider. One foreigner can send the child friend request to chance psarefontas.Ta children also can use it for sexting (sending personal evil pictures) without parents to learn.


5. Snapchat
Allows the photo or video capture that can access someone else for a specified period. At the end of the year, the picture or video automatically disappears in the words of the company. Similar applications are Poke, Wire, and Wickr.

It is dangerous as well because they feel secure that our photos are deleted after a while and that no one can see the children can send or receive photos and evil beyond. The truth is that the Internet nothing is lost and nothing is erased.


6. Vine
It allows users to send video exalepta.

Poses some risks, while most videos are harmless, can be displayed and sexually explicit videos that expose children to inappropriate material likely. Predators use this application to search and find children and After, try to communicate with them on further.


7. ChatRoulette
These applications enable video communication with others (video chat). Dangerous as children may speak with fake foreign pseudo-foreign 'or who use fake camera or virtual cameras to look more young or opposite sex or anything else. There is effort by website operators to warn every way users when someone is using fake camera can not be seen who he is, but malicious users still do various tricks and so one penintachronos may use false camera software to the does seem to Fifteen trying to convince a young girl to send evil pictures or information about the area remains.


8. TinderIn this application users send their pictures and see the photos of other users. If they think that someone-a like, can put flag (flag) in the picture - it. If the other person has also put the flag in their own photo, then communication is possible between them. And here we have risks as each one can have a fake profile and upload fake photos or pictures of other to achieve their goals. It is mainly used in order to find a boyfriend or girlfriend. Similar applications that are Down, Skout, Pure, and Blendr.


9. Poof
It is application which hides other applications on your device. Running the application choose what applications we want to hide so they will no longer appear on the screen of our phone. Here is precisely the risk for a child more reason to want to hide from their parents or applications of their guardians. So if you see on the screen Poof your child's mobile may thlelei your child something to hide you.


10. omegle
Another application that allows video communication with others (video chat).

There and here the corresponding risk of malicious users so a penintachronos may use false camera software that make him seem Fifteen trying to convince a young girl to send evil pictures or information about the area remains.


Once again we remind that neither the Internet nor the applications is wickedness. Their use can become evil by malicious users like everything in this life. All have good use and bad use.

The safety of our children is more important than the privacy. As parents alike can discreetly and although prying required we can control what the cell phone, the tablet and the computer. Good to have activated the Parental control Parental Control on mobile, tablet, PC our child to manage, giving permission and know the applications that want to download.


Very important is to talk to our children and to thoroughly explain again and again (repetition is the mother of learning and education) the risks that exist both online and in the physical world, as we would with anything else, in order to learn to protect itself alone, because we can not be always near, nor to control everything. Information is the best way to protect our children.


To have a common charger in plain sight as an excuse to control the cell of our children is an idea.

We have to remember that the Internet is now an important part of our everyday life and that cyber security is the same as security elsewhere. As we learn and educate our children to watch the many dangers that exist in the natural world so you have to learn on the internet to understand that the world is not as innocent as it seems.

And closing we remind you that applications are not themselves dangerous, but malicious people. Is wrong, evil use that can make dangerous like everything else in this life.