Have you noticed that your favorite PC or Laptop warms more or makes strange-strange noises?

You have a problem with the temperature and the loud sounds of your Laptop or computer ;;;;; It is very likely that your computer needs a good cleaning and general maintenance.


In particular these problems are exacerbated in the summer is the worst season for tired and laptop computers. Both computer-desktop and the Laptop-laptops have in their interior, electronic circuits, processors, ... generating heat when operated. This heat by means of heat sink, fan must be transferred as quickly as possible and easier outside device. Especially in summer the ambient temperature rises significantly and considering that global computer and laptop is a phenomenon that occurs under normal temperature conditions, we realize that summer is a period difficult for computers. Too many problems to the computer and the laptop can boot from overheating phenomena - poor cooling, even a problem in the motherboard dekstop - laptop, the graphics card can have the cause of the continuous exposure of internal circuits in high temperatures.

Such symptoms are:

- Presents very big delay on the computer or laptop after some hours of use. Indication that operate with increased temperature and thus lower performance as a result of overheating to prevent damage to the motherboard reduces the yield of processors.
- O computer closes by itself after a few minutes of operation. Very common, which indeed gives us and Response margins as well off suddenly and without warning. Indication that went very temperature and motherboard closed circuit protection.
- The computer or laptop is too hot and the exhaust air flow is low too hot or Laptop - Desktop's hot at several points in the exterior, this is a further indication that not ventilated properly.
- You hear some strange sounds from the computer - laptop but after awhile calms or going to appear frequently. This is a particularly irritating sound, which comes through the machine and probably is one of the unit's cooling fans.
- The fans run from very early in high speed, irritating and causing frustration for both you and those around you then probably not the air can pass through the heat sinks or even heat sinks are not able to transfer the heat from the processors.

In all these cases it is necessary to clean regularly and properly inside your computer and abroad. Some procedures can do for yourself and the course not with water as in the photo below.

Certainly there are cases that are not simple cleaning of dust and particles and may need to change heat sink, fan or even cleaning processors and use of new high-quality thermal grease.

Anyway if it is something that you can not assume you can talk to experts like EasyService, for proper cleaning of your computer, always fast, reliably and with very low prices.