Children today use computers, mobile and Internet from the age of just 4 to 5 years. The proportion of young users growing daily and the age to fall continuously.

What does your child in front of the computer, laptop, your tablet or mobile? Viewing Kids Movies Youtube; Playing countless hours Online Games? Do Internet searches looking pictures and videos? Communicates and talking with friends or with strangers ;;;

Due to the high work burden our children sometimes stay without our supervision. Also because of tiredness and idle time many parents have left the mobile, computer, tablet to take on the role of parent and the exclusive role of entertainment for our children. There exorcises course all this and it is essential for children to learn and be trained in the use of new technologies but always in moderation and control.


1) Protection Antivirus: Protects your privacy and files from malware (virus, trojan, malware, ....) online.

2) Protection Anti Phishing: you absolutely guarantee secure internet shopping and prevents easy theft of your personal information (such as credit cards, bank accounts, etc.)

3) Protection Anti Theft: If you install an application Anti Theft, you can always locate your device in case of theft!

4) Personal Firewall: Filter out wireless networks in general and the networks connecting and protecting sensitive data such as passwords for social networking or web banking.

5) Parental Control - Parental Control: Protect your children from the misuse of the Internet even when you are not present, not allowing viewing Web pages with inappropriate content. With proper regulation you have control of your child's activities on the internet!

The EasyService believes it to your children to invest some time and bother installing an application that takes the above. There are numerous internet applications of free and paid until it is certain that we need to spend time. Many parents do not know what danger their children, so they can not choose correctly or do not have someone to advise them about online threats and fears the internet. No need to worry though, nor worrying the EasyService here, always there for your every need. Keep Calm, Call EasyService and Smile !!