Apple will "kill" PayPal with a new online payment service in order to conquer this area.

The ambition of Apple could not be limited only to Apple Service Pay. According to the authoritative newspaper and online portal The Wall Street Journal, Apple is is in talks with major financial institutions worldwide to create a complete electronic payment system and not only will compete with PayPal. Apple's objective is to exploit its leading position and you assume the role banking organization surpassing PayPal.

After leaking the news the cost of PayPal's share fell by 2%. One of unconfirmed details that surfaced in recent days is the use of iMessage platform for transaction management.


It is no coincidence that Apple is discussing with all the major banks. He does not want to take the trading department in order to avoid the licensing requirement for the transfer of money and strict safety standards.


The US Apple Pay has already entered the market for contactless payments for about six months thanks to the fact that Visa, MasterCard and American Express, incorporated this technology. The Apple Pay comes to Europe. Visa Europe has said he will support the Apple Pay as it considers landmark entry of Apple in the field of electronic payments. In this way the owners of iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and soon the Apple Watch simply passing their device from the terminal contactless transactions will complete their transaction.


It is very likely by mid-April the Visa European to integrate new service products that will provide banks in Europe and is expected to accelerate very entry of Apple Pay and generally of mobile payments in Europe.

Using iMessage for adding financial functions in iOS, you will be more successful than Apple Pay as you may be activated even in older devices already has millions of users.


Similar plans have and Facebook, which wants to insert a payment service in Messenger. Of course, Apple has a more private and secure platform, which is the preference of users. 60% of teens prefer iMessage as a communication platform.


Based on the preference of the public, Apple will be able to attract more people to a new money transfer platform. It has managed to penetrate more markets in the world and especially in adolescence.

In the United States the application Venmo has become a popular way of transferring money among young smartphones users. The application allows sending money between users and offer solutions to share the costs for meals, travel and gifts.


PayPal is recently separated from Ebay and now can sign agreements with anyone who wants even with competing companies. As shown the site of electronic payments is constantly changing with new competitors like Samsung and Google will "fight" for a share of the pie, but PayPal is still one of the safest and commercial options.


Finally, encouraging for us users is that Apple's service may not aiming to profit from payments - money transfers P2P. All at an early stage it is unclear when we can expect a service payment by Apple. Time will tell who will be the winner of Samsung Pay, Android Pay - Google Wallet, Apple Pay, Paypal, .... We all like users want to pay economically, quickly and safely.