Protect your children and devices from the dangers of the Internet. According to studies, many organizations worldwide on the internet usage and online security clearly shows the increasing use of Internet and the related devices (such as smartphones, tablets - tablets and PCs) from small children ages. This increase was observed in 2013 with the numbers continually increasing daily. Indeed in recent years the rate of increase has exponentially.


At ages 8-11 that our children are still in the early primary classes, possess smartphones - smartphones at a rate at least 20%, while the rate of use smartphones and tablets devices in children ages 12-15 are much higher at 65 %. In over 15 years the rates reach to 90-95%.

Indeed, questions about which device they lacked more than their daily lives, the vast majority replied that they would be missing a mobile phone or a tablet from which access their social media, in their music, photos and the internet .


For this reason it is necessary to take measures to protect our devices especially for children ages. As EasyService recommend checking and monitoring by an older devices of small children. It is necessary to activate an application Parental Control - Parental control. Many devices have themselves some such basic functions but even if we can both from PlayStore of Google, from the iOS App Store of Apple and the Windows Store Microsoft's to lower numerous applications for Parental Control, anrivirus and firewall. Many are free and some pay. Some known applications are the K9 Web Protection, Avira Parental Control, Avast, Qustodio, Norton Family, Eset NOD32, Kaspersky, ...

With a search like parental control ios at the Apple Store or parental control in the Google Store - PlayStore will find much to try free or charge and reach for more suits us better. Preference will, however, show the names mentioned above.

It is also important to beware of these applications to support:

- Time management: ie you can check and preset the time your children spend on the Internet in all devices of the house and not only in one. So you have to check the time that pass online and you can make better management
- Web guard: filter and prohibits any prohibited or inappropriate site that contain from pornography to frightening images or scenes of violence. So you're more relaxed about the context in which your children come into contact.
- Child Locator: you can always locate the position of your children and find them in an emergency directly
- Application guard: Filters age of your child, to understand and bring the results of the internet only appropriate content based solar margin.

Of course no parent wants to be oppressive and lurking kids at every step. However, the risks and the bad events on the internet to grow daily, as do younger users, it is very good that there are such programs to counteract the bad effects and make parents more calm and children safer.

EasyService is always here and wants to see you to smile about it if you do it yourself, we can help you to install the program you desire always special offers free audits transport. For all your needs, call us at 210 3004040. Keep Calm, Call EasyService and Smile !!