Surely the USB stick has been a great discovery and has solved all our hands. But most of us do not know all the possibilities, or at best we have neglected in a corner of our office.
So there are many programs that you can carry with you wherever you go. Some of the most useful are:

1. Microsoft Safety Scanner
It is almost always necessary to take along a portable antivirus. Especially if the USB stick you on different computers used daily, either to give or to get files. The Microsoft Safety Scanner is a free software that checks files that you receive as well as the devices on which connecting, blocking viruses and holding files and your USB safe. It is always necessary to have a portable antivirus program with you at all stigmi.Eidika if you have to copy the files from another computer to your USB stick, better to scan all files first and make sure they do not contain viruses.


2. KeePass Pasword Safe
If you are someone who takes very seriously the topic of your data security and always start from difficult or even different passwords for each site which is used then the KeePass Password Safe is made for you. Encoded and totally safe, can help several times during a single day.

3. WinDirStat
All of us arrive at some point in the day where suddenly our computer casually informs us that his memory is almost full. What we do in this case? If you have used in the past programs such as Disk Cleanup, and you have seen some improvement, then surely the WinDirStat is the next logical step. It orients as to which are the folders with more data, which applications occupy much space and so much more directly helping to save memory.


4. GIMP Portable
The GIMP is a popular freeware program for editing photos. For advanced support and other advanced photo editing functions.

5. Recorder Infra
Recorder Infra is a great portable application for recording CD and DVD in kinisei.Mporeite also create disk images (disk images) and even to use the program to copy an existing CD or DVD to another disk or image.


6. System Explorer
System Explorer is a nifty little utility with many dynatotites.Mporeite can use to get detailed information about processes, startup programs, add-ons, windows services, drivers, network connections, and many also to alla.Mporeite use it to quickly scan files with online services such as VirusTotal and Jotti. See also quickly other system information including fonts, codecs audio and video, user accounts, and more.

7. Portable VLC Media Player
It is. always a good idea to have a good media player (image, video and audio) to the USB stick you in case you want to play a file on another computer that does not have a media player installed or improperly installed codecs. The portable version supports a wide variety of audio and video formats including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, XviD, WMV, MP3, etc.


8. KeePass Password Safe
KeePass is absolutely necessary to ensure the security of your passwords. In KeePass all encrypted and is a great way to keep track of all your passwords while on the move.

9. Recuva
Recuva is a program to recover deleted files or fotografies.Leitourgei on hard drives and external media such as flash drives and SD.TH cards give you a list of files that can be recovered.


10. SoftPerfect Network Scanner
A network scanner is necessary if you want to quickly see all the devices on the network and get information such as the IP address, MAC address, host name, and many more program can also find shared folders, open doors TCP, remote machinery and much more.

11. TreeSize
The TreeSize is a program that quickly scans hard drives or network locations to give you a reference for all the disk space used.

12. Pidgin Portable
It is an essential program that you use, so you can connect to Google Talk, Yahoo, ICQ, AIM, IRC, Samtime, ... and much more to chat with your friends.


13. Firefox Portable
Obviously, if you have to navigate while using another computer, a good idea is to use a portable browser the web. In this way there is no history of your browsing and avoid the likelihood of stored passwords to the foreign computer. Using a portable web browser prevent all the above.

14. Antivirus Apps
Another good portable antivirus program is Kaspersky Portable Antivirus Tool which is also free as Clamwin Portable.