It grows increasingly the basis of active users of the popular social networking website in Greece. The data come from the company itself, indicate that the number of users who come from Greece and connected at least once a month on Facebook exceeds 4.7 million. Impressive figures is that 81% of this number is daily to converse with friends and seeing the news of the day.

Furthermore, 3,9, month, selects the smartphone as a docking device while daily 3 million choose mobile. Beyond a general point arises from the fact that he wants the digital media have surpassed the TV to dedicate their time most consumers daily.

Respectively and mobile devices, which are the main interface means the most numerous, overtook televisions. Globally, 1.65 billion. People connect at least once a month on Facebook and 900 million using Messenger. Of these, more than 1 billion. Connected daily, consuming including more than 100 million hours video day. Finally, 50 million small businesses have a page on Facebook.