By popular Computex exhibition opens the curtain to the public on May 31 and all eyes turned to Intel, the company officially launched the new series of processors Broadwell-E family. This is yet another addition to the X99 platform. In total we are talking about four models, the "star" to be the i7 6950X, the first 10-core processor for home desktop computers. The price amounts to $ 1750.00 which makes choice for enthusiasts of space. Some of the momentous features worth mention is the speed at which the core is clocked clock, which is 3.0GHz, while the operation of the Intel TurboBoost mentioned features that can reach up to 3.5GHz. The cache is 25MB while over 10 physical cores there are 20 threads. All this with a consumption of about 140W.

During this movement, framing three other processors. An 8-core processor, the i7 6900K and two 6-core i7 6850K and i7 6800K. The characteristics of all three processors are shown in a comparative table below.

These options are of course directed to the public that which wants to run demanding applications and "heavy" graphics without any compromise on performance and less on the average user. Anyway, this is an impressive movement which proves that technology is constantly evolving and constantly reaches levels which several years ago was considered inconceivable.