The Thomas Ross of the United States of America is the man Who claims that Apple stole the plans from 1992 and based on these to build the iPhone. Along with the statement that requires the company to compensate the not insignificant sum of $ 10 billion.

In the drawings of the actually illustrated a rectangular portable device having communications antenna and other characteristics that exist in today's mobile devices. Of course there is a dark spot in history. If the plans of Thomas managed to come out in the design and final production will have physical keyboard, slot for floppy disk and running in MS Dos.


Also he never patented the copyright for these projects so that any accusation against someone who just implemented the same construction as unfounded. The conclusions arising from this case is that Thomas Ross tries to take advantage of the ambiguities and defects of the American justice system and to obtain, certainly not $ 10 billion but another significant amount. There remains only to see the progress of the proceedings and the outcome that the court will rule.

Not the first time however that happens something similar and many argue and sue large companies for copyright theft in order to obtain financial reward.