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PS3 Game - Παιχνίδι PS3 - Disney - Sing It - Pop Hits

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PS3 Game - Παιχνίδι PS3 - Disney - Sing It - Pop Hits

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  • The whole karaoke genre has, more or less, stagnated. The same mechanics are used time and again, and the only thing that seems to change are the menu interfaces, the song lineups and the corresponding videos.

    Disney has entered the scene with Sing It, a collection of tunes that might seem perfect for the younger teens, but really might have greater appeal to a younger crowd … you know, the Hannah Montana faithful. Why? Because in addition to the Cheetah Girls, Hannah Montana is featured in the collection of songs, as are several selections from the first two Disney flicks bearing the High School Musical moniker.

    Since the game is all about the songs, here is the list of the 35 selections available:

    The Disney Sing It set list includes:

    • Aly & AJ: “Like Whoa,” “Potential Breakup Song,” “Chemicals React”

    • Hannah Montana: “Best of Both Worlds,” “Life‘s What You Make It,” “Nobody’s Perfect,” “Rock Star”

    • Miley Cyrus: ”G.N.O” (Girl’s Night Out),” “See You Again,” “Start All Over”

    • Everlife: “Find Yourself In You,” “Real Wild Child”

    • Jordan Pruitt: “Jump to the Rhythm,” “Outside Looking In”

    • Billy Ray Cyrus: “Ready, Set, Don’t Go”

    • Jesse McCartney: “She’s No You”

    • Corbin Bleu: “Push It to the Limit”

    • Vanessa Hudgens: “Say OK”

    • The Cheetah Girls 2: “Dance With Me,” “The Party’s Just Begun”

    • The Cheetah Girls: One World: “One World”

    • High School Musical: “Breaking Free,” “Get’cha Head in the Game,” “Start of Something New”

    • High School Musical 2: “Bet On It,” “Fabulous,” “What Time Is It,” “You Are the Music in Me”

    • Camp Rock: “We Rock,” “Start the Party,” “This Is Me,” “Gotta Find You,” “Play My Music,” “Hasta La Vista,” “Here I Am”

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