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Krusell Hector, 115 x 18 x 61 mm
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Colour of productBlack
CompatibilityAlcatel One Touch Easy DB\nAlcatel One Touch Pocket\nApple iPhone 2G\nApple iPhone 3G 8GB\nApple iPhone 3G 16GB\nApple iPhone 3GS 32GB\nApple iPhone 3GS 16GB\nArchos Gmini 400\nBlackberry Pearl 8220\nBlackberry RIM 7100g\nBlackberry RIM 7100r\nBlackberry RIM 7100t\nBlackberry RIM 7100v\nBlackberry RIM 7130 Vodafone\nBlackberry RIM 7130c\nBlackberry RIM 7130g\nBlackberry RIM 8800\nBlackberry RIM 8830\nBlackberry Storm\nBlackberry Storm2 9520/9550\nBosch 908\nBosch 909\nCingular 8125\nCingular 8525\nDopod 838\nDopod C720W\nDopod C730\nDopod C800\nDopod D600\nDopod M700\nDopod P800w\nDopod P860\nE-ten G500\nE-ten M500\nE-ten M600\nE-ten M600+\nE-ten M700\nE-ten X500\nE-ten X600\nE-ten X650\nE-ten X800\nGarmin Asus G60\nGigabyte g-Smart i\nGigabyte g-Smart i128\nGigabyte GSmart MS800\nHTC Google Nexus One\nHTC HD2\nHTC Hero\nHTC Legend\nHTC Magic\nHTC Max 4G\nHTC Mda Basic\nHTC MTeoR\nHTC P3300\nHTC P3350\nHTC P3400\nHTC P3470\nHTC S620\nHTC S630\nHTC Snap\nHTC Touch Cruise\nHTC Touch Cruise P3650\nHTC Touch Diamond2\nHTC Touch HD\ni-mate K-Jam\ni-mate PDA L\ni-mate SP JAS\nLG GM 730\nLG GW300\nLG KC910 Renoir\nLG KV920\nLG VX10000\nLG VX9800\nMicrosoft Zune\nMitac Mio 169\nMitac Mio A700\nMitac Mio A701\nMotorola A1000\nMotorola A780\nMotorola E1000\nMotorola i265\nMotorola MOTO Q 9h\nMotorola Q music 9m/c\nMotorola T280\nNEC DB 4000\nNEC DB 4100\nNokia 3250\nNokia 3410\nNokia 5230\nNokia 5730 XpressMusic\nNokia 5800 XpressMusic\nNokia 6212 Classic\nNokia 6630\nNokia 6670\nNokia 6680\nNokia 6681\nNokia 6682\nNokia 6708\nNokia 6800\nNokia 6810\nNokia 7610\nNokia E50\nNokia E51\nNokia E52\nNokia E60\nNokia E70\nNokia E71\nNokia E72\nNokia E75\nNokia N78\nNokia N81\nNokia N81 8GB\nNokia N90\nNokia N900\nNokia N91\nNokia N92\nNokia N93\nNokia N93i\nNokia N97\nNokia N97 Mini\nNokia X6\nO2 XDA Cosmo\nO2 XDA Stealth\nO2 XDA Terra\nO2 XDA Zinc\nOKTA Touch\nOrange M650\nPalm Centro\nPalm Treo 500v\nPalm Treo 680\nPalm Treo 700P\nPalm Treo 750\nPalm Treo 755P\nPalm Treo 850 Pro\nPalm Treo Pro\nPalm Tungsten W\nPalmOne Treo 600\nPalmOne Treo 650\nPalmOne Treo 700\nPanasonic GD35\nQtek 8600\nQtek 9100\nQtek 9600\nQtek G100\nSagemRC922\nSamsung M7600 Beat DJ\nSamsung Epix SGH-i907\nSamsung GT-i8000 Omnia II\nSamsung i200\nSamsung i7500 Galaxy\nSamsung M7600 Beat DJ\nSamsung M8800 Pixon\nSamsung SCH-E170\nSamsung SCH-i830\nSamsung SCH-i910 Omnia\nSamsung SGH 2100\nSamsung SGH-F770V Qbowl\nSamsung SGH-i300\nSamsung SGH-i300x\nSamsung SGH-i308\nSamsung SGH-i450\nSamsung SGH-i600 Blackjack\nSamsung SGH-i607 Blackjack\nSamsung SGH-i617 Blackjack II\nSamsung SGH-i780\nSamsung SGH-i900 Omnia\nSamsung SGH-L760\nSamsung SP R6100\nSamsung SPH-M800 Instinct\nSamsung WiTu\nSharp 902\nSharp V802\nSharp V903\nSiemens M75\nSiemens/BenQP50\nSony Ericsson M600i\nSony Ericsson P1i\nSony Ericsson S700c\nSony Ericsson S700i\nSony Ericsson S710a\nSony Ericsson Satio\nSony Ericsson W900c\nSony Ericsson W900i\nSony Ericsson W950i\nSony Ericsson X1 XPERIA\nSony Ericsson X2 XPERIA\nSony Ericsson XPERIA X10\nSprint HTC Hero\nSprint PPC-6800\nSPV C700\nT-Mobile Dash\nT-Mobile G2 Touch\nT-Mobile MDA Vario\nT-Mobile MDA Vario V\nT-Mobile Pulse\nT-Mobile SDA(USA)\nVariousS\nVariousS-Wide\nVerizonXV6800\nVersionCDM 8300\nVPA Compact II\nVPA Compact III\nVPA Compact IV
Weight & dimensions
Interior dimensions (W x D x H)115 x 18 x 61 mm

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