Xecuter Non-Xenon JTAG Alt Kit (Kit #5) - JTAG KIT #5

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Xecuter Non-Xenon JTAG Alt Kit (Kit #5) - JTAG KIT #5
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This is the JTAG kit that all pro-installers swear by. Known as "Kit #5" by those in the know as that was its code name during the NAND-X testing trials and it quickly gained a reputation as being the best kit available for all non-Xenon motherboards (Falcon, Zephyr, Opus, Jasper).

This kit is NOT included with the NAND-X Retail kit and is a separate device for professional installers who wish to do the JTAG install on the alt points at the bottom of the Non-Xenon motherboard. You do not need to own a NAND-X to use this product.

This PCB is soldered to the bottom of the motherboard and is for professional installers only. Do not attempt to install this if you do not have good soldering experience.

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