Laypad mini D3 Notebook Laptop Aluminum Cooler Pad Black, Blue, Pink, Silver

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Laypad mini D3 Notebook Laptop Aluminum Cooler Pad Black, Blue, Pink, Silver
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Laypad mini D3 stand is the best stand for your notebook's needs. Its compact and light design gives you the possibility to carry it easily with you, in your notebook computer bag, anywhere you go.
Apart from your notebook, Laypad mini D3 can be used in order to read your books or magazines relaxing while you relax your hands, the recipy book while you cook, etc. It's extremely light (only 0,58 Kg), made from aluminum alloy material and plastic parts for the joints of the foldable legs.
  • Aluminum alloy material.
  • Fashionable and colorful, well manufactured.
  • Aluminum alloy made tabletop gives out heat fast and your notebook is always well cooled.
  • Situations suitable:bed, sofa, desk, carpet, lawn.
  • Usage suitable:laptop desk, mini desk, palette, etc.
  • Apply to:Adults?kids.
  • Easily stored.
Technical Specifications
Compact aluminum alloy made tabletop.
Supported by plastic joints and two aluminum made, folding capable, legs that minimise its size so that it can be easily transported.
Tabletop dimensions: 36 cm. x 24 cm.
Folded stand dimensions: 39 cm. x 25.3 cm. x 6.5 cm.
Weight: 0.58 Kgs

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