Car Air Cleaner Purifier Oxygen Bar

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Car Air Cleaner Purifier Oxygen Bar
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This great Car Oxygen Bar, Helps relieve allergies, hay fever and asthma,Eliminates bacteria, pollen and dust, No chemicals used and no refills needed, Soundless design, no motor used., is beneficial to the health of human beings. It has the best medicine funciton and can effectively reduces the  cough, sneezes, asthma's incidence of a disease.

Working voltage:DC12v *Ozone consistence: 3mg/h 

Anion consistence: 60 million pcs/cubic centimetres 

Helps relieve allergies, hay fever and asthma 

Eliminates bacteria, pollen and dust 

No chemicals used and no refills needed 

Soundless design, no motor used 

Easy to use, simply plug into 12V outer of your vehicle 

Also suitable for the office, hotel or home with a suitable adapter 



Negative ions can eliminate the air inside the dust, smoke, the air fresh.

     Ozone can eliminate the musty interior, smoke, leather, paints emit formaldehyde, benzene and other toxic gases.

     Anion known as air vitamins, it can improve people`s cardiovascular function, metabolism `to eliminate fatigue, keeping a clear and can alleviate symptoms of motion sickness.

     No secondary pollution, environmental security.

    Air as raw material, power consumption, saving and environmental protection.

    Small and exquisite, in fact, gift.

    1, anodized aluminum body super cold light texture

    2, open the outlet is not left to extend the service life for Rapid

    3, molding lightweight only 8 cm directly into the cigarette lighter use (currently the world`s smallest air purifier)

   4, wave grooved design aesthetic and practical

   5, efficient neon lights functioning properly instructed

   One double-effect ion + ozone

    Hidden radial ice blue neon bulb

   Super Mini ~ General only 8cm

    Silent design, quiet, will not let you drive distracted

    Super mini size, the total length of only 8cm only, as the size of the thumb.

    comply with U.S. FDA standards: Ozone: 020NS Concetration: <0.03 ppm (30 ppb)

    Negative Ion: ION: 43000 per cubic inch

less space, into the cigarette lighter hole, where it revealed a short 3.5cm.



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