Clingo Universal podium hands-free device holder

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Universal βάση στήριξης (podium) για iPhone ή οποιοδήποτε άλλο κινητό τηλέφωνο. Είναι εργονομικά κατασκευασμένο ώστε να παρέχει
τη μέγιστη δυνατή ασφάλεια στο κινητό σας και σας επιτρέπει έχοντας ελεύθερα τα χέρια να βλέπετε τις κλήσεις,
τα SMS σας και γενικά να εργάζεστε άνετα στη συσκευή σας.

Multi-axis joint allows for infinite viewing angles.

Solid steel base provides unparalleled stability.

Allows easy, hands-free viewing of calls, text, emails, movies and other apps.

Great for use at home or the office on your desk, kitchen counter, coffee table, nightstand or where ever you happen to use your phone.

Universal - any phone, anywhere.

Home for your Phone.

The Universal Podium™ by Clingo is ideal for use in your home or at your office to provide a secure mount for your phone when charging, syncing or accessing your media device - all at the same time.  No adapters necessary…ever!  You can rest easy knowing you have a safe place to put your phone so you never have to scramble to find it as you are running out the door.

Infinite Uses.  

The Podium’s multi-axis joint delivers 360 degree rotation to provide you with infinite viewing angles.  This helps to organizes your desk and enables full access to your smartphone features, giving you easy, hands-free viewing of calls, text, emails, movies, and other apps.  It even makes it easy for you to check game scores or watch YouTube™ while plugging away at work.

Any phone, Anywhere.

It's pretty simple, really.  Clingo holds your phone.  It doesn't matter if it is a BlackBerry, iPhone, Droid, Samsung, or whatever.  Whether in your car, at the office, at home or wherever - Clingo holds it.

Easy Buy World Warranty:

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