USED - PS2 -Sony EyeToy USB Camera

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USED - PS2 -Sony EyeToy USB Camera
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Ever wanted to actually be in a video game? No? Well, you will after playing with the EyeToy, the most original and fun video game accessory for years. The EyeToy is a WebCam-type.. It sits on top of, or beneath, your TV and plugs into the USB port of your PS2. Once it's turned on it projects a live image of your room and whoever is standing around in it onto one of the aforementioned 12 games. But that's not the half of it. Once the chosen player has positioned themselves onscreen and the selected game has begun, what's happening on-screen is controlled by their body movements--the joypad isn't involved at all.

So, for example, in Kung Foo you have to swat away hordes of ninjas with your hands as they come flying at you from the sides of the screen. In UFO Juggler you have to help spaceships take off by spinning them at just the right speed. Dancing game Boogie Down tests your hand-waving rather than foot-shuffling skills. A few of the games are slightly more complicated, such as Rocket Rumble--just like FantaVision, except you must set off fireworks in sequence by touching them and hitting a detonator onscreen.

EyeToy is tedium personified if you're playing on your own, but get just a couple of mates together and it's easily the best party game ever made.

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