CYBER SONIC Sound Amplifier Hearing Aid Assistance BEHIND the EAR Hear

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CYBER SONIC Sound Amplifier Hearing Aid Assistance BEHIND the EAR Hear
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This is the same famous sound alimification device that has been nationally publicized on TV and in leading publications- similar to those that have been sold in europe for much, much more.

High technology so small fits right behined your ear. Don't be fooled by smaal size or appearance of this device. It may look like a simple device just desighned to hide just right behined your ear, but it's actually a major breakthrough in sound interception and amplification technology. state-of-Art electronic engineering actually allows you to capture and amplify sounds you can hardly hear with your own ears! It works incredibly well that you literally won't believe your ears!

A New World To Super Ears! Just imagine what would be like to hear sounds that you could never hear before with ordinary hearing. Studies show that there are thousands of different sounds that are not normally audible to the average person. Slip on this technelogically advanced device and you'll instantly hear like a super hero. Incredibly, you'll be able to hear people talking in next roon loudly and clearly! Take a walk outdoors and you''l hear birds sing like you never heard them sing before,and hear a deer coming before they hear you, It's an outdoorman's drem come true! Never Miss A Word!

It has a dosen of practical use. Take it to the movies, theater,or lecture hall and you'll never miss a word. It's great for watching TV with a spouse- just keep the valume on low and turn on. She can read while you watch the ball game. It is not intneded for the hearing impaired, but now you can enjoy the crisp, clear sound of TV or radio playing on a low level, without annoying everyone else in the room, experience a the facinating world of super hearing today!

Don't let weak hearing leave you out of life experiences. Hear every sound with the help of the Cyber Sonic Hearing Aid. 

This hearing aid helps you get the most of daily experiences by amplifying surrounding sounds up to 40 decibels. Its auditory system comes with increased sensitivity yet gives you wind noise reduction accompanied by quiet performance. Its ergonomic design conforms comfortably and allows you to wear it on either ear.

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- Amplify sounds up to 40 decibels. 
- Weighs less than 10 grams 
- With 6 Volume Levels which you can easily fine tune as needed 
- High-Definition Digital sound reproduction 
- Delivers more distortion-free sound 
- Quiet Performance with less circuit noise 
- Increased sensitivity equals better hearing 
- More accurate sound reproduction
- New ergonomic design is more comfortable and offers wind noise reduction

Hearing Amplifier
Behind the Ear
Gain Level: 29±5db
Easy to Use
Clear Sound
Fit Both Ears
Energy-saving Technology
with 3 Ear Buds (Large and Small) to Fit Most Customers
New Flexable Tube.

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