Team Xecuter Nand-X 3.0 USB 360 Programmer Kit

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Team Xecuter Nand-X 3.0 USB 360 Programmer Kit
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Now with new V3 Nandpro code
Due to unprecedented demand Team Xecuter has designed a high quality USB NAND programmer and JTAG connection kit in all all-in-one package. There are quite a few good kits already available on the market but there wasn’t one that gave a complete professional solution so that’s where the XECUTER NAND-X comes in. Based on the proven and excellent NAND PRO USB Programmer designed by illustrious scene member Tiros, Team Xecuter have developed a very tight package that gives you everything you need without having to use any other parts or self-made cables and kits – and certainly without breaking the bank! Not only do Team Xecuter provide one of the fastest 360 NAND programmers currently available, but they have designed a very simple connection system using our popular and much used quicksolder PCB breakout boards – and as a bonus they have also integrated a programmer so you are able to update the firmware of the ARM Controller to make sure you can keep up to date with future new features and upgrades. They have also included an optional pin header cable system.

Naturally, we will also be offering all of the NAND & JTAG Connection Kits seperatley for bulk installers – and the price of these will be very cheap, much like the LT Switch deals. Also included is the ability to program the onboard ARM controller so it is future proofed for any firmware updates. So you can be sure that you will have the ability to stay on top of new features or improvements in the USB flashing code.

So why buy Xecuter ? With over 10 years of hardware and software development experience in the video games industry, and over 180 products manufactured and distributed globally, Xecuter are the brand that you can rely on to bring you quality, innovation, affordability – and most importantly – TRUST. Our award winning factory ensures the most stringent quality control procedures so you can be sure of the very highest standards. We have also invested heavily on cost effective measures enabling us to pass savings on to you, the customer.

NAND-X’s features:
Fast USB 360 NAND Programming
Rock Solid 60Mhz ARM Controller
Easy Install System for both NAND and JTAG
Includes Quick Solder Connection Kit For NAND
Includes Quick Solder Connection Kit For JTAG Hack (All Version Motherboards)
Includes Optional Pin Header Connection Kit For NAND
Includes Optional Pin Header Connection Kit For JTAG Hack (All Version Motherboards)
Built-in Programmer For Future NAND-X Firmware Upgrades (Windows App Available)
Designed For Additional Add-ons
Proven Technology – Based On NAND Pro Design
100% Compatible with NAND Pro
Rock Solid Design – Tested by many JTAGER’S
High Quality & Trusted Xecuter Design
Complete with ALL cables required including USB

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