Loc8tor Lite pet locator - συσκευή για να εντοπίζετε τα κατοικίδια ή τα πράγματα που χάνετε

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Loc8tor Lite pet locator - συσκευή για να εντοπίζετε τα κατοικίδια ή τα πράγματα που χάνετε
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It will help you find your hidden cat, dog or tortoise quickly and safely saving you hours of searching and a whole lot of frustration or something worse!

We have customers who have bought a Loc8tor Lite to catch their neighbours locking their cat in the garage or to make sure their cat is outside before putting the alarm on in the house. For whatever reason you need it for, your loc8tor will give you that extra piece of mind. Of course, you don't have to just use it for your pets, you can use it to find your keys, TV remote or anything else you are likely to mislay.

How it works:
Attach a Mini Homing Tag to your pets collar (about the size of a boiled sweet and only 5 grams) and let the credit card sized handset guide you in to your pets location – simply follow the strongest audio and visual signal.

The Loc8tor Lite has a range of up to 122 metres (clear line of sight) and will guide you to within 1 inch. Two Mini Homing Tags are provided and a further two can be registered to the handset. It’s incredibly easy to use and also suitable for the hard of hearing and blind.

Why not attach a Tag to your work keys or other important keys your :

  • TV remote
  • Wallet, purse, handbagLuggage
  • Car
  • Model Airplane
  • Kite
  • Digital camera, mp3 player
  • or any other valuable that needs to be quickly found.

 You will wonder how you ever lived without one.

Loc8tor comes supplied with a multilingual instruction booklet available in English, French, Spanish and German and includes everything you need. Your pack will be dispatched promptly on receipt of order.

  • Easy to set up and use
  • There’s no contract
  • Works anywhere in the world.
  • All batteries included
  • CE approved

Box contents:

  • 1x Loc8tor Lite Handset
  • 2x Mini Homing Tags
  • 1x Wall mount bracket
  • 1x Lanyards and sticky pads
  • All batteries included

Easy Buy World Warranty:

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