Edifier Speakers IF500 - Speakres with subwoofer for iPod / iPhone - 2 x 30W Rms

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Edifier Speakers IF500 - Speakres with subwoofer for iPod / iPhone - 2 x 30W Rms
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Speaker Edifier IF500

USB streamed digital audio
Optical composite
SPDIF input
Analog input
HID compatible controls
CapSense touch-sensitive
Edifier proprietary user interface controls
Ported 2-way coaxial speaker driver
Aluminium base structure
Universal switching power supply

 Model Number:  e20
Total power output: RMS 30W x 2
THD + N (testing level): 10%
Signal to noise ratio: 90dBA
Frequency response: 40Hz - 20KHz
Distortion: 0.5%
Input sensitivity: 1,200mV ± 150mV 
Audio Input Type: USB / Fiber optic / 3.5mm stereo
Adjustment: Volume control input on touch panel 
of the active speaker
Speaker unit: 3½ inch, Magnetically shielded, 6Ω
Tweeter unit: 18mm, Magnetically shielded tweeter, 6Ω
Dimension: 194mm ? 195mm ? 118mm (W x H x D)
Weight: 4.00Kg (Net) / ?4.90Kg (Gross)

Κατασκευαστής EDIFIER
Μοντέλο IF500 LUNA 5
Τύπος ηχείων 5.1
Συνολική ισχύς 60W (30W x 2) RMS
Σύνδεση AUX (3.5mm) / iPod / iPhone / FM
Τύπος τροφοδοσίας 220V

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