Media-Tech @CTIVE CAM MT4035 LED flashlight with built-in VGA video camera, powered with lithium battery

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Media-Tech @CTIVE CAM MT4035 LED flashlight with built-in VGA video camera, powered with lithium battery
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Product description

@CTIVE CAM  MT4035 is a revolutionary, powerful camera built in handy diode flashlight.

Using  @CTIVE CAM You can save pictures, record video with sound or talk via instant messengers (if the device is turned into webcam mode). The files are stored on micro SD card up to 16GB (about 4 hours of recordings). The recorded data can then be copied directly from the device to a PC via a USB cable. In this case, no need for additional drivers, which is great advantage of the device.

@CTIVE CAM allows recording in various conditions: at day and at night - to illuminate the selected object you can use sufficient LED diodes in flashlight.

There is a lot of useful accessories included in set MT4035 such as: set of grips and suction cups to stick the cam  to car window, bicycle frame or helmets, etc., so You can use it in many places and situations.
Attached to the bicycle frame, will be suitable as additional lighting, but also enable recording your sporting feats.  Also, when you participate car races or when you travel by car and through the window you see unforgettable landscapes - all this You can easily hold on the picture. Just use a special cup and enjoy the recorder memories!

An important addition of a set is a special band for attaching the cam to a helmet, which makes @CTIVE CAM a dedicated device for the people who spend their time actively. Increased adrenaline while riding fast boat, quad, jumping with a parachute? Show it to your friends! Share your passions with the others in the Internet.

Going camping? You will be needed @CTIVE CAM!

Built-in lithium-polymer battery, charged from the USB port, provides up to 3 hours of work on one battery charging cycle. Recommended for charging MT4035: set of chargers MPOWER MT6210, POWER SUPPLY USB adapter and external battery MT6261 UNIVERSAL NOTEBOOK BATTERY MT6350

Technical specification

  • LED flashlight with built-in video camera
  • Video and sound recording to memory card *)
  • Up to 16GB T-Flash memory card supported (max)
  • Video format and resolution: AVI, 720x480ppi
  • Video frame rate ~30fps
  • Still image capture mode
  • PC camera mode
  • Charging voltage DC-5V
  • Included set of holders for: helmet, front car glass car, bicycle
  • Interface: mini USB port
  • Battery type: high capacity lithium-polymer
  • Working time on one cycle charging: up to 3 hrs
  • System compatibility (only PC Cam mode): Windows XP/Vista/Win7 32/64 bit
  • Weight: 105g
  • *) Memory card is not included

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