Team Xecuter DemoN (SLIM) QSB Fits to trinity - wire - Πλακέτα προγραμματισμού για το Xbox

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Το Xecuter DemoN είναι η πιο προηγμένη συσκευή Xbox 360 NAND που έχει φτιαχτεί ποτέ.
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Team Xecuter DemoN  (SLIM)

Το Xecuter DemoN είναι η πιο προηγμένη συσκευή Xbox 360 NAND που έχει φτιαχτεί ποτέ.

Το ότι σας δίνει  τη δυνατότητα να έχετε dual NAND δεν είναι κάτι νέο χάρη στα Team Cygnos και Phat JTAG models. Από όταν όμως ήρθε στο προσκήνιο το Reset Glitch Hack (RGH), έχει υπάρξει η ανάγκη όχι μόνο για πολλαπλές NAND αλλά και διάφορες λειτουργίες χρειάζονται για να μπορείτε να τρέξετε τα δικά σας custom kernels και εφαρμογές linux σε όλα τα μοντέλα περιλαμβάνοντας και το Xbox 360 Slim

Συνεχίζοντας από το Cygnos, διόρθωθηκαν όλα τα γνωστά bugs και ελαττώματα του Cygnos, βελτιώθηκαν τα χαρακτηριστικά, Αυξήθηκαν οι ταχύτητες εγγραφής/ανάγνωσης και γενικά οι κατασκευαστές πήγαν το θέμα dual NAND σε άλλο επίπεδο.

Not only does the DemoN give the most stable dual NAND solution available, but it also has many dedicated development features that contribute to many different homebrew projects such as libxenon, dashlaunch, freestyledash, freeboot and many more. There are a massive 16 dedicated I/O's available for a multitude of features and add-ons and also an custom coded DLL library so that any developer can interface completely with the DemoN ? you will see some really great things in the future

The built in NAND R/W hardware is a stand out feature. Completely bypassing the need for any external device such as the Xecuter NAND-X or any other SPI tool, the DemoN has a USB port which offers a completely pass-thru solution giving you direct access to the Demon & Onboard NAND's ? and with the turbo mode, giving you NAND r/w speed that have never been seen before !

Xecuter hasn't forgotten JTAG fans either, There are thousands upon thousands of users out there who run a perfectly functioning JTAG machine ? many of them using the Xecuter JTAG QSB Install Kits that have become so popular over the last couple of years. Not only does the DemoN support all of the latest RGH devices such as the Xecuter CoolRunner ? but they have also designed the DemoN to make sure that it doesn't affect any current JTAG installs ? which is perfect for those who have the QSB kits installed and working perfectly ? fitting the Demon does not require that they have to remove their functioning JTAG feature. Xecuter thinks of the customer experience first and foremost !

As always with Team Xecuter you can trust that they make the absolute best quality devices paying attention to the tiniest details and making sure that the end user is completely confident in a premium product backed by their famous warranty,

True NextGen Dual NAND Device
Rock Solid Stability & Design
Both Phat & Slim Versions
Phat Small Block (SB 16MB) & Phat Big Block (BB 256MB / 512MB) Versions Available
Easy QuickSolder Solution (All Phats & Slim Trinity)
Wires Only Solder Pads Option (All versions including Corona)
Easy Switch Between Stock Onboard NAND and Custom NAND
External Module for USB / Switching / LED's
Sync Button NAND Switch Option
Turbo NAND R/W Mode (16MB Dump Less Than 28 Seconds)
100% Parallel Programming (No slow SPI or PIC style Read/Write)
Built-In USB NAND Read/Write Hardware (NAND-X / Other SPI Hardware Not Required)
Intelligent Bad Block Re-Mapping
Onboard MicroUSB for OffLine Testing / Programming
Xecuter CoolRunner Programming
Xecuter CoolRunner Enable / Disable Feature
Includes DemoN to CoolRunner Adapter and FFC Shielded Cable
Dedicated DemoN ToolBox Software
Many Low level Commands & Functions For Developers
Dedicated DLL For 3rd Party Developers To Fully Interface With Demon
Developer Features Such As Remote Power Included Out-of-the-box
Serial UART TX/RX Access
Rock Solid SMC Reset Functions
16 Available I/O's ? Huge Add-On Possibilities !
Many Add-ons & Extra Features In Development
Supports Phat JTAG Installs (Inc All Xecuter QSB JTAG Kits)
No Lifting of CE Pin on Both Phat & Slim
No Trace Cuts on Both Phat & Slim
Custom Software & Drivers
Fully Upgradeable Firmware
Proven Xecuter Build Quality & Warranty
Designed & Tested By Several Major Names In The Xbox Homebrew Scene

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